Bat Safari

Friday 04 October 2019
18:30 to 20:15

We are really sorry that we again have to postpone the walk, due to heavy rain. We are hoping to go out on Friday the 4 of October. If you have already book, you still got tickets. The walk is sold out but its worth putting yourself on the waiting list…

Join us for an exciting evening on Ham lands, looking for bats.

Previously this summer following 7 species have been seen between Teddington lock and Ham House. (We have 18 species of bat in the UK.)
Daubenton’s bat
Leisler's bat
Brown long-eared
Common Pipistrelle
Soprano Pipistrelle
Nathusius’ Pipistrelle

Every summer, thousands of people venture out to experience the wonder of bats in their natural environment. Sadly, bat populations have suffered severe declines during the past century, but the
Bat Conservation Trust and more than 100 local bat groups are working hard to help our bats hang on. Learn more about where to see bats!
Philip Briggs from Richmond Biodiversity Partnership has kindly agreed take us for an evening walk and Bat spotting.
We need to move quietly, therefore the numbers are limited on this walk, no dogs on this walk.

Please book you place. Its free

Contact Friends of Ham lands,
Cost free but please book