Nature Safaris

Ham Lands is a mix of habitats, mainly woodland, scrub, grassland and wetlands, that contain a diversity of plants and animals, including numerous rare species that are hard to find in London. There are meadow wildflowers that attract bees and butterflies and the reserve is teeming with birdlife.

Keen pickers

Apple walk, October 2019


Please check our event calendar for upcoming walks. 

Nature is calming and inspiring

Maintaining a connection with the natural world is more important than ever to ensure we're taking good care of our health and wellbeing. Just a bit of time every day spent in nature can help relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing. We know that people who spend time in nature are happier and healthier. If you are able to go out and visit any green space there is a lot to see and do.

If you are staying home there are also some links below for enjoying nature from the safety of your home.

Take your children exploring nature 

Most children are naturally curious, and nature provides many opportunities to stimulate their imagination. Trees, flowers, rocks, decaying wood, and all other plants provide homes for wildlife in an urban area. Fruits, flowers, seeds, nuts, and fungi are food is their food. Being in nature enables children to run, jump, hop, skip, climb, roll, and promotes wellbeing and confidence. A well-needed release during these times.

Many of the links below are well suited for children too.