Pedal Power in Ham and Petersham

HUG's Bicycle Mending Project

Ham United Group's Chairman, Peter Rixon, has started to mend bikes for people who are not able to do so themselves, perhaps because they do not have the equipment, are physically not capable of doing so or lack the necessary knowledge.

HUG wants to get as many people as possible cycling in Ham and Petersham for a number of reasons: it is healthy, sustainable and Ham is perfect for cycling. With direct, off-road access along the river to Kingston and Richmond, and a flat geography, the conditions are perfect for bike riding.

What HUG really needs now is a cycle workshop where people can have their bikes repaired or can repair their bikes themselves. This will require a physical workshop where we can store the abandoned bikes and bike parts that are being picked up by local residents. It will also act as the "shop front" to carry out the work.

If you have any ideas about how we could acquire a workshop, or you would like to donate an old bike or get your own bike mended, contact Peter Rixon at

Another Richmond Cycling Initiative

In co-operation with the Mayor of London and Transport for London, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames has issued an Information Pack to help residents who want to start cycling.

The Pack contains:

  • information about cyclist training,
  • a map, Local Cycling Guide 9, showing local cycle routes,
  •  information about discounts available from local cycle retailers and
  • a questionnaire which, when completed, will enable you to claim a free cycle handlebar bag from participating retailers in Richmond.

To obtain the Information Pack, Getting Started, visit Ham Library, see their display about cycling in the Borough and pick up a Pack.

For more information about cycling in London visit: