Thames Water Direct River Abstraction

The scheme

Thames Water have announced plans to take clean water out of the river by Ham, transfer it across London and replace it with treated water from the Mogden works.

Details are on their website at

Mailing to subscribers (22 Aug 23)

FoHL sent an email to the 250+ people on the mailing list informing them about the scheme and giving FoHL's initial response.

"If the scheme does go ahead then it will have a very significant detrimental impact on Ham Lands.

"FoHL is collecting and consolidating information on the species of plants, animals and fungi found on Ham Land, several of which are rare and unusual. We will use this to respond authoritatively to the ecological surveys that will be required and may submit our own."

You can read the full email at

Public Meeting (14 Sept 23)

At the Public Meeting organised by Cllr Andrée Frieze, Paul Cook, one of our naturalists, gave a presentation on the significance of Ham Lands and the possible impact of the scheme.

You can read the document at Ecology of Ham Lands (2023).