Green Grafting for a Greener Environment

On Saturday, 25th September local garden designer Thérèse Rebeiz took 30 participants on an informative tour of the Wates Estate’s gardens.

Green grafters walk

Thérèse talking to participants about a recent Green Grafter's project


The Wates Estate, also known as Ham Riverside Lands, is a charming residential development with 25.6 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. The estate has its own appointed gardening team. Five years ago, a group of residents formed a gardening group, known as The Green Grafters, to give a helping hand with the estate’s gardening and tackle overgrown and difficult areas. The Green Grafters meet every Saturday morning, and the group has been growing from strength to strength.

Green grafters walk

Thérèse and participants looking at mature trees on the Wates Estate


The walk took us around the estate and Thérèse talked about the work of the GGs (as the Green Grafters are affectionately known) and how they manage to support and complement the work of the appointed gardening team who tackle most of the estate’s work. We also looked at residential front gardens and elements on the estate that combine value for wildlife and aesthetics.

Green grafters walk

A resident shares how she created a pollinator friendly front garden


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